Wednesday, August 17, 2016

[LifeHacks]: Back to school tips

Hello cuties,

I am too old to be a school girl but I just finished my university studies during June. But I think I can give you some good ideas to learn easily.
 I was really good at school, I was the best during the university. I had the best marks almost every thing. During high school I had problems only if I was lazy or I didn't have mood to do anything for learning but I had some inspirations to do the things better. 

0. How to wake up

For me it was hard to weak up early in the morning. My first classes started around 8 AM during high school and I had to wake up aroud 5:55 AM or 6 AM to go to school because my school was so far from my home. I can wake up easily around 7 AM but before this time was really hard.
I was really moody sometimes and I found out how to make my mood better and I do it now days if I have to wake up before 7 o'clock.
I drink my coffee slowly, check my Instagram and gather inspiration from K-pop artist for my daily make-up. After that I go in the bathroom and listening powerful or happy music. I love K-pop as you know so I'll write down some tracks which I love to listening during my morning routine or sometimes I'm watching MVs so maybe you will noticed that the most of the song have an MV version too.

B.A.P.  - Warrior
B.A.P. - Power
B.A.P. - Albatross
(I love from B.A.P. - 1004 (Angel), but if I'm listing this song in early morning I'll be sad during the day)
EXO - Lightsaber
EXO - Call me baby
EXO - Overdose
EXO - Monster
EXO - Lucky One
Beast - Mystery
B1A4 - Solo Day
B1A4 - Beautiful target
B1A4 - Baby, I'm sorry
Super Junior - Mr. Simple
Super Junior - Opera
Super Junior - Devil
Super Junior - Sexy, Free & Single
Super Junior - Sorry, Sorry
Super Junior - Mamacita
Infinite - BTD
Infinite - Can U Smile
Infinite - Destiny
Vixx - Fantasy
Vixx - Error
Vixx - Chained up

I could write them all day... xD

1. Have some cute things which you love to use

During school I loved to choose cute items to makes my learning more easy. If I loved to use a pen or a notebook it was more easy to sit down and learn everything. As you can see I love colourful pens and that cute HelloKitty! pencil is just amazing. The cute, smiling poop is a nice pencil sharpener. I love colourful sticky notes too. 

2. How to survive the day

I have migraine often so I have case for pills (you can see on the top) and if I don't have time to go to the restroom to check my look I use that cute little mirror and a small comb. I hate when my hair looks ugly, and now days I feel that my hair ugly everytime xD I don't know why am I like this... 
I use now  Nature Republic handcream - Chanyeol Exo, I bring it everywhere too because my skin can be dry easily after hand washing. I think the liquid soaps aren't the best in restrooms.

3. Have a little fun between classes

If I had a little free time after classes I just check my mails, messages on my tablet. So I can have a little rest, talking to my friends until my next class started. At the end of my university I made notes on tablet too during classes because I have a little keyboard too. It was more easily to reread than my heandwriting.

4. Little goals for inspiration

At the end of the highschool I was really inspirated and always wrote down my goals for weeks. I had 3 goals for every week like learning for an exam, do exercises to have better body etc. I used sticky notes and put them on my mirror or on my note books to see my goals every day. At the end of the week I looked over my goals and wrote down how succesful I was during the week. After I saw how good I was I had lot of inspiration and more self-confidence about lerning and about my look too. 
My way was the next:
I wrote the 3 goals, 1 for school, 1 for my look and 1 for my other plans. Example:
1. Learning for exams
2. Do exercises
3. Write a cool blogpost and have nice comments.

5. Have a watch

It will be the funniest tip I think. It is maybe my problem only, but I hated if during the classes I didn't know what is the time and how long I had to sit there. But the big clocks in our class rooms was at the back wall, so we couldn't look at it but I couldn't watch at my mobile phone too so I purchased watches from online stores to have a nice one for my outfits.

6. Have a nice school bag

Personally I love backpacks but I love simple shoulder bags for school day. In my country (but if I know well, in other places too), the fans of J-rock, Animes and K-pop, wear pins on their begs. I know it looks cool but I hate pins, for me they are ugly but we can't be similar.
I just put up cute charms on my bag, only 1-2 pieces because I don't like if I have a lot of things on my bag. Maybe that's why I don't like pins because there are girls who put countless pins on their bags... 

My cute items are from KawaiiBox:

Kawaii Box - The Cutest Subscription Box


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Monday, August 15, 2016

[Review]: Summer Haul II.

Hello cuties,

I am back with the second part of my summer haul posts. As we are in the second part of August I really needed to write summer haul posts I think. Haha, I was a bit lazy to finish them before today.

From: Stradivarius

Stradivarius is one of my favorite shops in my country. If I choose local shops I go to Stradivarius, H&M or NewYorker. 
That t-shirt is one of my favorite pieces during summer because the material of it. It's really soft and good to wear during hot days too. Stradivarius is the only one shop where I need to buy size M because there are really small sizes and size S is too short on me every time. 

From: NewYorker

I got that skirt from my mom. I'm unemployed now (I hope it will change soon because I'm using all my energy to find job) so she and my step-father give it to me as a present. 
The material of the skirt is faux suede. It's high waisted and makes my body to look more slender. So I love it but I think it'll be more comfortable during autumn. It is a warmer skirt and not the best for summer.

From: Oriflame

It called Love Nature Corrective stick. This corrector duo is good for oily skin and it contains tea tree oil too. My skin is not oily but it works well. It has a green and a nude part too. The green corrector is good for red spots, it is really useful if you have a 'little problem' on your skin. I'm lucky because I have red spots rarely. 

Brand: Catrice Cometics

Annndddd... it's Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer - French Look. The colour is 54 - My APPricot. It has an amazing nude colour and high shine. I love the natural look of my nails after I use it. Personally I don't use colourful nailpolish nowdays. So now I love nude colours more and it is one of my favorites now. I think my nails look healthier with them.

Brand: Essence

Essence's silky touch blush is my favorite make-up product now. I chose colour 10 - Adorable. It's silky and really soft and not look too much. It stays all day long too. It is my first time to say I love a blush. Finally, after long years, I found the perfect blush. It was a long way but absolutley worth it.
I think it's the best colour (light pink) for my super white skin. In the pics it looks darker than in natural light. 

Which is your favorite summer clothes and make-up product?


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Thursday, August 11, 2016

[AroundBudapest]: Vegan popsicle, center of the city, etc.

Hello cuties,

During the first part of the week I went out and took a lot of pics about Budapest. Me and my sister just looked around and found some really nice places to show you. My sister is on holiday too during this week so we really wanted to go out and do something funny.
The original idea was that find Popsi, it is a shop where you can eat vegan popsicle and iceream. 
Instagram: @popsi_official

For the first time we were lost. Yes in our own home city. But I didn't see it in map and it seemed that my sister didn't really understand how we can find it. Finally we can find it but it was a long way. 
There are 2 shops of Popsi in Budapest. We went to Gozsdu Udvar (Gozsdu Courtyard). It is a beautiful place where you can find other shops, pubs and restaurants too. 

You can go in a really huge gate. 

I took a small video too there because it was too amazing just do simple pics there. You can watch it on my instagram: @shikikaneko.

And finally we found Popsi's caravan. I chose a mango flavoured popsicle. It was a bit expensive (around 500 HUF), but it was 100% fruit and really delicious. There were lot of flavours, peach, strawberry, banana, raspberry etc. SSo as I wrote before it is vegan so everyone can eat it. Personally I am not vegan but I love healthy foods.

It is in the center of the city so the sellers can speak English well. So if you visit Budapest you can buy it easily. 

What I was wearing?
Top: NewYorker
Bag: C&A
Necklace: Ebay
Circle Lenses: Geo Fresh Grey - Pinkyparadise
Eyeliner: Essence Long lasting Eyepencil - 01  Black Fever
CC Cream: Secret Key V line lift up CC Cream
Lipstick: Catrice - Ultimate Stay - 140 Behind the red courtain
Eyeshadow: Essence - All about Nude palette


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